Helping startups thrive

Build your idea from scratch, on-time, on-budget. Partner with a custom software development company that has worked with startups and has launched its own profitable software products.

You can see our work, not only read about it!

Prototype and MVP

Anyone who is interested in starting a tech business is familiar with the concept of MVP. The majority of both new and seasoned entrepreneurs launch their SaaS business with a product full of unnecessary features with no real world application. Taking this path ensures that you will end up with bloated and expensive product that nobody will want.

Our team has track record of both launching our own products and products for other startups. We can offer you our years of experience to polish, refine and start developing your idea.

MVP and Funding
If you are looking for a funding for your idea, keep in mind that MVP will play crucial role. The MVP for most investors is a prerequisite to fund a startup.

Let us help you build a MVP that people will use and investors will fund.
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Full product development

Focus on the business part and we will handle the product development. We will develop secure, cleanly coded, mobile friendly, scalable and fully documented product (mobile or web).

Our team has expertise in multiple technologies and can handle both front-end as well as back end.

You can rely on us to employ cutting edge technologies. Clean and eye catching UI along with the best and secured back end is our specialty.

Continuous maintenance and support

We will maintain your new digital asset, the server infrastructure and push forward to improve the software. Technical support and 24/7 automated monitoring can ensure that your business is secure and will not let down your users.

CTO as a service

CTO as a service is a tactical tool for organizations that don’t yet have strong technology leadership. Going beyond just providing tech solutions, our team can be contracted to guide your company through product conception, development and delivery.

Who is the service for?
Early-phase start-ups with some seed funding available for product development.

Why getting in touch with us?
Minimize any technical risks from future growth and product scope planning. Scale up quickly and don’t get stuck in a long and expensive hiring process.